MicaSense RedEdge Sample Data

Thank you for your interest in the MicaSense RedEdge multispectral camera! Below is a small collection of sample imagery that shows what you can expect to capture using the RedEdge camera.

Summary of file contents

Raw samples contain the unprocessed output files, as they are captured by the camera (one 16-bit TIFF file per band).

Geotiff orthomosaic samples show a fully processed 4-layer output in Geotiff format. These files contain four reflectance-calibrated bands normalized so that a pixel intensity value of 32768 corresponds to 100% reflectance. Note that these images may not open correctly in some image viewers. They are intended to be viewed using GIS software (QGIS, ArcGIS, ...).

NDVI rendering samples show a false-color rendering of the Normalized Difference Vegetation Index generated from the reflectance-calibrated Geotiff.

Spectral bands for sample data:

Example #1

Captured from 70 meters above ground level.

Raw sample capture: rededge_raw_example1.zip

Geotiff orthomosaic: rededge_geotiff_example1.tif

NDVI rendering: rededge_ndvi_map1.pdf

Example #2

Captured from 120 meters above ground level.

Raw sample capture: rededge_raw_example2.zip

Geotiff orthomosaic: rededge_geotiff_example2.tif

NDVI rendering: rededge_ndvi_map2.pdf

Example #3

Captured from 80 meters above ground level.

Raw sample capture: rededge_raw_example3.zip